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Explore ways to find peace from the outside in.

Not all those who wander are lost.
Curious if you're heading in the
right direction?

The InBody Journey is a practice and a unique program designed with you in mind. It starts with an assessment of your goal(s) and a discussion of how we will use my tools based on yoga to get you there.​​ I will tailor a  special and personal program just for YOU!


In addition to my one on one programs online, I lead public yoga classes, workshops, and retreats.   You can see other businesses and special events I am involved with below.

Are you...

  •  new to yoga or have never stepped into a yoga studio 

  •  intimidated or feel judged because of what you think yoga is supposed to be  

  • just uncertain about what and how it should feel like to really LIVE in your body 

  • struggling with anxiety or feeling burnt out

or have you ever...

  • suffered from depression or struggled with alcohol or drug dependency

  •  been married or in a relationship and betrayed

  •  questioned your body and have lived with insecurities of what you look like

  • experienced trauma (everyone has)

Then The InBody Journey is for you!


It’s time to get grounded, to feel sensations, to explore emotions, to live presently with your breath awareness, moment to moment, to tap into your innate joy, to experience the bliss that you deserve and the harmony that is INSIDE OF YOU!

It is your Divine right.

Work with Me

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