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What women are saying about The InBody Journey

It brings me great joy to work with these women - past - present - future. Thank you for trusting me and feeling safe to explore. 

Real life clients and students say.....

Rachel A.

Devin L. 

Jax has taught me not just the importance of living in the present moment, but has taught me tangible tools for how to do that through movement. I've learned the ability to be self-aware and self-regulate, and specific ways to calm my nervous system. I now can sense the onset of a panic attack earlier, and implement specific body-centric tools to calm myself in the present moment. I feel truly blessed to have Jax as a support in my life. 


Jax radiates wisdom + peace. I always feel relaxed, calm + empowered after I have a session with her. She has helped me with my anxiety in such a way that I am more aware and in control of my thoughts + emotions. Jax has guided me inward to self discovery + self love.

Elizabeth N. 

Elizabeth N. 

Jax has an innate ability to connect with people and offer healing and guidance in an authentic, humble, and knowledgeable way. Her personality adds buoyancy and depth which is an amazing combination that allows for a safe place to grow.  Every time I attend a healing session with Jax, I exhale and come in contact with my core and my knowing.

Elizabeth N. 

Erin K.

What I love about taking yoga from Jax is everything.  Jax has great energy as a yoga teacher.  She teaches beyond the physical asana practice to include the mental, emotional, and even spiritual if you are open to receive it.  

Elizabeth N. 


Jax is a perfect combo of not too airy-fairy "out there" yoga teacher and a practical relatable human being. I've witnessed her evolution as a teacher and student, and I love where she is at now.  It is her calling.

Elizabeth N. 

Melissa V. 

Jax's embody teachings are presented as invitations to explore and tend to our own personal tender spots and cobwebs.  Jax encourages us to flow and move in a way that is intuitive and expansive.




Jacqueline's understanding of the nexus of the body, mind and spirit is deep and equaled by the radiant warmth, kindness and respect displayed to her students. She is all at once passionate and joyful and a true practitioner and student of what she teaches. After classes I always leave feeling greater inner joy, patience and peace. 

Every sequence was tailored to exactly the kind of energy I brought in that day. Jacquelyn was extremely generous with the specific tools and knowledge she shared with me, so that I could keep making progress even outside of our time together. As I peeled away at the layers that my physical and energetic body held, I also noticed the quality of my thoughts and emotional wellbeing improving dramatically, since I had the space to make better choices. This has led to a virtuous cycle and made me very aware of the importance of nervous system regulation. Even now, whenever I get attached to external circumstances that would otherwise cause me stress, I not only become aware much sooner, but I can try the different breaths and movements that Jacquelyn has taught me to regain presence and keep my consciousness lifted.

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