Join me on an exclusive re-treat!



San Lorenzo, Manabi

January 19-25, 2023

Join me on an authentic escape to San Lorenzo, Manabi, Ecuador for an experience to connect yourself in a paradise of beauty and tranquility. As a small fishing village, San Lorenzo is an idyllic and peaceful locale, bordering miles of beaches with the freedom to relax and explore to your heart’s content. Through daily yoga and meditation classes exploring yoga’s ethical practices, and Yoga as Therapy this experience will inspire a way of travel and of living that supports self-growth and transformation.

Using the tools of Yoga we dive into self-study to promote a deeper sense of Self, with others, and ultimately our understanding of the world. I am inviting you to lean in to ways that embrace and nourish contentment, peace, and harmony in your life and yoga practice!

Combine this with the chance to enjoy a variety of activities and excursions around the coast of Ecuador, from hiking to visit with monkeys, to exploring the island Isla de la Plata, known as "poor man's Galapagos" which hosts a beautiful biodiversity and cultural landscape for all. See blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigates up close, swim with turtles while snorkeling to explore the under world! Option to indulge in tranquility with a massage(s), surf lessons if you choose, and or head on over to Manta and get a taste of the area’s city and amazing local cuisine.


With an array of options to choose from, this retreat to Ecuador will allow you to create your own adventure and reset your soul through the dance of exploring and relaxing.

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We will stay on our own Private Oasis

Price includes Yoga 2-3/day, sleeping arrangements and 3 meals/day, 3 excursions and airport transportation.

*Additional cash for extras and personal purchases are recommended. Ecuador uses our dollar as currency. Bring small bills!

There are 3 Villas with 2 bedrooms each. 

4 Private Rooms w/ Private Bath

$1,777 Early Bird

2 Shared Rooms to share Bath

$1,477 Early Bird

Both prices increase $200 after September 15.

A partial scholarship is available!

If you're interested, ask me how!

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Travel Information

Airport Options

It is ideal if the group would arrive Thursday, January 19 early afternoon to GYE *Guayaguil airport to travel in one van to our destination. This will be a 3 1/2 drive through beautiful Ecuador. 

If you find preferred flights and arrive in MEC *Manta, then transportation would be additional, however it is closer to our location. It is a smaller airport so connections from Quito sometimes are tricky and may have long layovers depending on where you come from. 



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Additional Information

A C-d test must be taken within 48 hours if you are not v'xd, 72 hours if you are. * This can change and I will keep you updated. We will arrange for the tests prior to departure which must be within 24 hours to return.

Excursions may include (but can change):
Hikes, see monkeys, Snorkeling and Boat Ride, Surf Lessons, Sulfur and Mud bath in an ancient and sacred land Agua Blanca,  Explore neighboring beaches and towns, and the city of Manta for a night out!

We will also have a day event for a Community Give-Back in the town of San Lorenzo. 

**Deposit can be returned
ONLY by October 30.
due by November 30, yes payment plan available.
***If plans change and you must cancel
BY December 10 you get all but the $300 deposit back.
Keep in mind these prices are based on 6 ppl minimum.
****IF 8 have committed to attend and you can no longer join for health or unexpected life circumstance then a FULL REFUND will be returned. 

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