I'm Jax!


 Here is a little story about how my life was spinning out of control
and how yoga saved me. 

I moved around when I was younger and never felt like I belonged, I fell in and out of depression and leaned into alcohol to soothe my suffering. Confused and not clear on my path I chose to work in hospitality which led me to live in Hawaii and California. What great places to discover the teachings of Tony Robbins, Sark, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and the ancient wisdom of Yoga.


In 2008 I was certified as a 200HR RYT Yoga Teacher. I started teaching immediately. Over the next decade, I dove deeply in the studies of yoga and other modalities.  Some of those include Yin and Restorative Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga and currently studying in a Yoga Therapy program. 


I learned with yoga and mindfulness that to live completely in a healthy way I also needed to apply that "food is medicine".  And I was given an opportunity to open up the first organic cold-pressed juice bar in our small beach town of Delray Beach, FL. 


Even though I had the tools, I was still miserable. I experienced feelings of depression again, confusion and a divorce.  I didn’t know who I was anymore although I had thought I had it all figured out.


Fast forward to I met my beloved partner. I closed the business. I rediscovered my passion for yoga and discovered embodiment and yoga therapy. I now have a committed meditation practice and I truly know I feel better when I live in the NOW moment.

And NOW I can be your positive living guide, mentor, embodiment consultant or accountability partner.  You get to decide what you want to call me, but I'm your key to unlocking true SELF LOVE through your body, mind & spirit! 

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My  Why 

In the year 2020 the world as we knew it, shifted.

We experienced something that most of us have never experienced anything quite like it. We were told to stay home. We were told to wear masks and not travel. We were told to close businesses, not eat out, not socialize in big groups, or hug our family and friends.   Feeling confused, loss of control, mad and sad were common.

I believe in 2020 the world was given an opportunity and so was I. I was given an opportunity to slow down and sit, be still, and silent. And wow did I need to! 

In my sitting still I heard thoughts that were new and I was super curious.


I was reflecting on all the lessons I learned from challenges I experienced and I quickly felt inspired to share with others,  and that is why I created The InBody Journey. 

What is

The InBody Journey?


The InBody Journey teaches womxn about living mindfully through several modalities from the teachings of

ancient yogic traditions and confirmed by modern day science.

  • The InBody Journey (INBJ) encourages you to live your best life by understanding the tools for peace and harmony are within you.

  • The programs are designed to be uniquely created for each individual. It’s not a one size fits all application; however, it may be similar.

  • The vision is to create an experience where you, the receiver can break-through self-limiting beliefs or stories that have created blocks and feelings of sadness or being “stuck”.​

  • The INBJ’s hope is to provide ways of practical application that are easily accessible to the curious, open minded and new yogini.

  • The goal is to get womxn to learn something new and have them trust themselves that they have the answers inside. This is embodying your truest essence, or your Highest Self.

  •  I thrive on being my authentic Self and relating to other womxn and inspiring you to be your authentic Self.​

Why capital S for Self? Because that is your truest form, your Highest Self, your essence, soul or spirit. The you that knows. The you that sees. The you that trusts. The you that deserves  to express love fully and to feel loved fully.  It is your Divine Right.

P.S I love essential oils! I would love to introduce them to you. Click here and learn more now.