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I'm Jacqueline,
I am a somatic & embodiment guide using ancient Yoga practices.

I empower women to prioritize their well-being through their body awareness so they can re-discover who they TRULY are and build a life they are EXCITED to live.  


You don’t have to pour from an empty cup. 


Here’s my story on how I transformed my life by making SPACE in it for ME. 

Our childhood shapes who we are, and (often, not always) without unpacking it we may stay trapped by it's restrictions forever.


I moved around a lot as a child due to my father’s job. I adore my dad, but the constant moving never allowed for true belonging. Most of my teen years and early 20’s I fell in and out of depression and used alcohol to soothe my suffering. Unclear about who I was or my purpose - I chose to work jobs that never really fed my soul but allowed for my nomadic lifestyle. 


I kept picking up and moving around the west - specifically around Hawaii and California. These short term lives I was living kept me distracted from my inner struggles. I thought every move would solve or give me the answers to my problems. But I learned later on - changing my physical environment only masked them for a short while. Eventually, the excitement would wear off and I would be depressed and terrifyingly confused about who I was again. 


Life became pretty dark and unbearable. I could never catch up or feel worthy and dealt with life stressors in unhealthy ways. I was numb, drained and incapable of feeling any joy. 


I was also out of ideas on how to try. 


Then one life-changing day in Maui happened. I took my FIRST real yoga class and I was in absolute disbelief.


I could FEEL again!


I felt my spirit. I felt my body. I felt my own presence. 


I felt ALIVE for the first time in so long. 

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Life began to SHIFT right before my eyes and I was so intrigued by it. 


I started practicing more regularly and was in awe of my findings.  I was able to sit with myself in a deep and profound way. Although at times, unsettling - I learned to understand who I was and what I needed to thrive.


The more I practiced yoga, the less I worried. The less I worried, the less stressed I was. The less stressed I was, the more I was able to actually experience my life.  


It was so refreshing to remember what JOY felt like on the inside again. 


I decided I had to keep studying the practice that gave me another chance at life. Each training taught me the power of “being” alone with myself. I learned that if I made time to get to know “Me” - I would start to understand how to bring myself joy. Life became a lot easier to navigate and way less stressful. 


I became a certified 200HR RYT Yoga Teacher in 2008 and finally felt purpose. I could help other women find balance in their lives just as I had done for myself.  I continued to study and got certified in Trauma Awareness with organizations like Connected Warriors and Prison Yoga Project, then Yin and Restorative Yoga, eventually Yoga Therapy.


It should be stated - Yoga is not a “magic pill''. It offers tools and requires work like all things. I still go through many challenges and have my moments. I had to close my successful juice business after 6 years and had also gone through a divorce. 


But what Yoga has taught me is that no matter what happens - if I know myself well enough- I can still find happiness. Joy stems from the inside - not from the external! 


Whether you are single, a mom, unhappy wife or partner or girlfriend, or whomever- I want you to know that you CAN find balance and peace amongst your chaos.  


You are WORTHY and DESERVE to be excited about your life. 


It all starts with making time to BE with yourSELF.


Take your first step to FREEING yourself and book your FREE consultation with me today. 


You are more than ready! 

And NOW I can be your positive living guide, mentor, embodiment consultant or accountability partner.  You get to decide what you want to call me, but I'm your key to unlocking true SELF LOVE through your body, mind & spirit! 

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In the year 2020 the world as we knew it, shifted.

We experienced something that most of us have never experienced anything quite like it. We were told to stay home. We were told to wear masks and not travel. We were told to close businesses, not eat out, not socialize in big groups, or hug our family and friends.   Feeling confused, loss of control, mad and sad were common.

I believe in 2020 the world was given an opportunity and so was I. I was given an opportunity to slow down and sit, be still, and silent. And wow did I need to! 

In my sitting still I heard thoughts that were new and I was super curious.


I was reflecting on all the lessons I learned from challenges I experienced and I quickly felt inspired to share with others,  and that is why I created The InBody Journey. 

What is

The InBody Journey?


The InBody Journey teaches women about living mindfully through several modalities from the teachings of

ancient yogic traditions and confirmed by modern day science.

  • The InBody Journey (INBJ) encourages you to live your best life by understanding the tools for peace and harmony are within you.

  • The programs are designed to be uniquely created for each individual. It’s not a one size fits all application; however, it may be similar.

  • The vision is to create an experience where you, the receiver can break-through self-limiting beliefs or stories that have created blocks and feelings of sadness or being “stuck”.​

  • The INBJ’s hope is to provide ways of practical application that are easily accessible to the curious, open minded and new yogini.

  • The goal is to get women to learn something new and have them trust themselves that they have the answers inside. This is embodying your truest essence, or your Highest Self.

  •  I thrive on being my authentic Self and relating to other women and inspiring you to be your authentic Self.​

Why capital S for Self? Because that is your truest form, your Highest Self, your essence, soul or spirit. The you that knows. The you that sees. The you that trusts. The you that deserves  to express love fully and to feel loved fully.  It is your Divine Right.

P.S I love essential oils! I would love to introduce them to you. Click here and learn more now.  

My  Why 

My offerings stem from personal and professional experiences.
Here are trainings I've learned from over the last 15 years.

200 Hour Yoga Training - Delray Beach, FL 2008
500 Hour Yoga Training - Boca Raton, FL 2013
Yoga workshops in California
Yin Yoga certified with Joe Barnett
Restorative Yoga with Shauna McKay
Assisted (2) 200 Hour Yoga Trainings - San Diego, CA 2019 + 2020
Online trainings with Janet Stone - Bhakti Yoga with mantras, Restorative Yoga, Ayurveda basics, Living the 8 Limbs
600 Hour Yoga Therapy - Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Somatic Attachment Therapy online - The Embody Lab
Vagal Toning online with Arielle Schwartz - The Shift Network
Yoga for Hips + Shoulders
Breathwork with Dan Brule - Breath Mastery online
Yoga for Eating Disorders (Sept 2023) 
Subtle Body + Pranayama - Inner Peace Yoga (Sept 2023) 

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